When you’re expecting (and if you are, congratulations!), there’s no more exciting – or daunting – project than creating the perfect room for your little one. I recently went through this process myself, and I can tell you it was very time consuming, but very rewarding – not just for me, but for my now 7 1/2 month-old son. It’s a room you and she will be spending a lot of time in – playing, eating, sleeping, not sleeping, changing diapers, getting dressed (and undressed), etc. It needs to be beautiful and practical…and fun! Most importantly, the nursery is a room for your baby to enjoy as their own special place in the house.

This is a guide that is a direct result of the process I went through putting together my son’s room last summer. I will be following up with a separate post featuring our nursery, and a list of our sources. Comments and questions are welcome and encouraged!

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