1.) Color Your World

Paint ColorsDevelop a short list of colors you like, and go to the paint store to pull lots of chips. You can usually have a small sample can made for any colors you want to try out on your walls, or aren’t quite sure about. Don’t rule out a more saturated palette, either. Babies love bright, contrasting colors, and they can have a positive impact on visual development. Early on, high-contrast black and white design elements will catch baby’s attention when she is still not able to see very well, or very far.

For those who have decided not to know gender before the birth, please know that you’re not required to use green or yellow! There are so many other wonderful gender-neutral colors, like certain shades of orange, gray, aqua, and brown.

Once you have a main color defined, select two or three accent colors to complete your palette. Everything you select to adorn the nursery should have one or more of these colors in it. There are always exceptions to this rule, of course, but it is a good guide to pulling together a harmonious design.

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