2.) Choose a Theme

Yellow SubmarineThere are many sources of inspiration for a nursery – look to those that have meaning for you, and that you think will make a nurturing, stimulating environment for baby. Some ideas include animals, characters, songs, children’s books, shapes, favorite childhood occupations (e.g. firefighter, ballerina, etc.).

This step comes first for many people – there is no wrong order to going about this process, but the decisions you make in one step can affect your choices in another. For example, our nursery theme is “Yellow Submarine” – I’m a big Beatles fan. The very first thing I bought for the nursery was a large framed movie poster – I wanted to draw all of my inspiration from what was to be the focal point of the room, including the color on the walls. We picked Benjamin Moore’s “Sweet Pea,” which is a sort of lime green color that contrasted beautifully with the rich cobalt and midnight blues in the poster, and was similar to a print on John Lennon’s clothing.

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