6.) Off The Wall

"Home Big Print"
Home Big Print by Judy Kaufmann (Etsy)

Wall art is one of the more fun things to shop for, but it can also be an overwhelming endeavor due to the sheer number of choices available. I think it is nice to find one large-scale item (if your room can accommodate it) that brings together the colors in your palette, and acts as a focal point of the nursery. This could be a framed photograph, painting or print, a large vinyl decal, a quilt, a mirror, or some other item that works with your theme. Once you’ve selected this item and determined how much space it will occupy, seek out other items to add personality to the room.

Here are a few sites to search to get you started on your research:

Really think about not just what will be aesthetically pleasing, but what your baby will enjoy looking at. When her vision is developing during the first few months, in particular, she love to look at the world around her. Again, those high-contrast, brightly colored (or black and white) items, and anything with a prominent face will hold her attention. This can be a huge help to you in certain locations in the nursery where baby may be likely to fuss or wiggle away, such as the changing table, and next to the glider.
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