As a college student, I was particularly interested in American art and architecture – so much so that I designed my curriculum around this subject, double majoring in art history and American studies. It was, and is, incredibly fascinating to me how important and uniquely American stories are told through period painting, sculpture, decorative arts, homes, commercial buildings, etc.

That’s why I loved this morning’s guest blog post, Patriot’s Day Architecture, by Steve Fuller on the New England Home Magazine Design Blog. It features historical homes in Cambridge, MA (just a couple of towns over from me) in two opposing styles: Georgian, the preferred style of Loyalists to the crown prior to and during the American Revolution; and Greek Revival, popularized after the War of 1812 in reaction to the stubborn pervasiveness of British influence in the United States (including residential architecture and design).

Longfellow National Historic Site

Green Greek Revival Cottage

Can’t you just picture these houses angrily staring each other down from across the street? Perhaps with the theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly playing insistently in the background? These are the things I think about during my many strolls in the Greater Boston area.

Thank you for indulging me in this post all about EXTERIORS! And please do check out Patriot’s Day Architecture. But don’t get me started on Patriot’s Day…


Photo Source: New England Home Magazine Design Blog

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