It’s Sunday night and I’m contemplating a busy, yet exciting week ahead – here are some things I’m looking forward to most.

1.) Nursery Design Series on Honey & Fitz

Nursery Design Series - Honey & Fitz

Dina over at Honey & Fitz has rounded up some of her favorite bloggers to share their creative nursery ideas on her blog throughout this week. I’ve enjoyed following her posts as she prepares for the arrival of her second child, and I can’t wait to see all the nursery design goodness on Honey & Fitz all week long!




2.) Bills vs. Chiefs (Sunday @ 1:00PM ET)

Bills Parody LogoFor better or worse – mostly worse – I’m a fan of the Buffalo Bills. Growing up in Western New York, how could I not be? We had some good years, but it’s been awhile. A very. long. while. Anyway, I’m glad football season is back, and I’m hoping to see at least a few games on TV here in Boston this season. I’m still trying to BILL-LIEVE! God help us…

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3.) Construction on our new house

Kitchen - Cabinetry InstallationJust when you think it’ll never be finished, things start to come together and move forward. At this point, there’s a first coat of paint on the walls throughout the house (COLOR!), floors are being sanded and stained, and cabinetry installation is underway. It’s really starting to feel like a home. And the idea that we might move in some day is becoming more plausible :).




4.) Progress on a nursery design of my own.

Monte Luca GliderI have been working with a wonderful client (and good friend) on a nursery for her first child, a girl, who is expected to arrive in just a couple of weeks. We had a great time creating a modern, fun and feminine room that her baby is sure to enjoy (mom and dad, too!). Reveal to come…

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5.) Fall TV!

DWTSThough not all of my favorite shows begin this week, it’s nice to finally have some new content flowing on the tube. I’m especially looking forward to DWTS All-Stars, Smash (must wait till January – boooo), How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and The Voice. What are your favorite shows?

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6.) Color, color and more color.

Colored PencilsI’ve spent the past three days immersed in a world of color. Tomorrow, I will complete a course focused on architectural color. I’m excited to tell you more about this soon, once I’m “officially” certified.

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What are you watching and working on this week? Whatever it may be, I hope you crush it!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about your experience with the color course. I know what I like when I see it… but color is sometimes hard for me. (sigh) Glad the house is progressing and I can sense your excitement. COOL!

    1. It seems that no matter how much I know about color (and I think I know quite a lot at this point), I feel like I still have a lot to learn. Although I know others, who have been doing this a long time, feel the same way – so that makes me feel a little bit better!

    1. So nice to hear from you! In general, if you have soffits that taper up to the ceiling, it will always look great if you take the paint color on the walls, and do a half tint (50% strength) of the color on each subsequent tier upward. Also, the vertical planes should be the same color as the horizontal plane below (so it looks like a block). I’m not sure what colors you’re working with, or how many tiers, but if you need additional help, please feel free to email me a picture!

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