I just wanted to start this post with a hats-off to all of the stay-at-home moms and dads out there. I’ve been doing the job for the past two weeks (my sitter had a family emergency), and it’s really the most exhausting, intense thing ever. But it has also been really fun and rewarding to spend a lot of time and go on adventures with my little guy, who is 2 1/2 going on 20. Keeping the business afloat has been a challenge; but we have made do, and I’m so grateful for understanding clients and vendors – many of whom were extremely patient with me while I brought him along to certain ‘safe’ meetings and errands (no construction site visits!!). The Tuesday blog post this week was a casualty, but it was just a blip; I am back for our regular Friday feature!

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Crane & Canopy Nova Duvet Cover

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m extra tired this week or what, but I’ve got crisp and cozy bedding on the brain. This week’s find, the Nova Duvet Cover from Crane & Canopy is a great product for anyone who loathes any of the following things, but wants a tidy bedroom:

1.) Making your bed in the morning

2.) Removing and re-inserting your duvet into the duvet cover

(Sound familiar??)

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Crane & Canopy Nova Duvet Cover | Interiors for Families

The basic innovation here is that that the tailored look of a top sheet folded over the duvet is built right into the design of the duvet cover. Making the bed is as simple as pulling up the duvet and plumping your pillows and shams in front of the headboard.

In addition, there is a hidden zipper enclosure right under the top sheet area (so much easier than those darned hidden buttons at the end!), and tie-backs inside to hold the duvet insert in place.

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Crane & Canopy Nova Duvet Cover | Interiors for Families

The thread counts (300) and quality (long-staple cotton) are both very good. There are several design options, including eight solid colors (plus white), and a variety of fun patterns like the one above. This may not fit everyone’s master bedroom vibe – they are pretty bold, graphic patterns – but how perfect is this for a child’s or teenager’s room…someone who might benefit from a simpler bed-making process! Also would be ideal for someone who sleeps with a dog and wants darker, easy-care bedding.

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Crane & Canopy Nova Duvet Cover | Interiors for Families

This design was used to style my guest bedroom for our House Tour feature in December issue of HGTV Magazine!

Kelly Rogers Interiors in HGTV Magazine | Interiors for Families

Photographer: Annie Schlechter. Stylist: Matthew Gleason

There are non-‘Nova’ versions of the bedding, as well, if you prefer a separate top sheet and duvet – that’s the type that was employed here, as you can see, as a fun and colorful layer on the existing bedding suite.


Have a great weekend – hope you get to sleep in! xoxox




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