So I checked, and apparently the last gift guide I did was in 2012. [If you must…here it is…don’t judge…it was 8 years ago!].

Perhaps that helps explain my need to overachieve at this moment.

For today I present to you not one, but three Father’s Day gift guides – each wrapped around a theme for the deserving dads in our lives. Which certainly isn’t to say I’m pigeonholing anyone into just one category. In fact, all of these were inspired by one person: My husband. These are gifts tailored to the ‘at home’ dad.

Orientation: Two ways to shop the guides – most of the items on the images are clickable, a few are not. There are numbered descriptions below each guide and those also have links. So there you go!

And of course…

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First up…goodies for your grillmaster.

  1. Cast iron grill pan for indoor (stovetop) or outdoor (grill) use, and the cousin of a recent Friday Family-Friendly Find. Handles FTW. And…it’s dishwasher safe!
  2. These stainless steel insulated tumblers are perfect for keeping craft beers chilled out in the hot summer air
  3. I couldn’t resist…a pineapple brand! I have one of those, too ;).
  4. Love these sunnies as a more modern and masculine alternative to classic Wayfarers.
  5. New Orleans-based artist Grant Schexnider paints these smaller-scale odes to classic cocktails I just love (available via Libby Silvia ArtStyle)
  6. A pizza stone takes the grilling game to the next level…speaking from experience. Pro tip: don’t forget the cornmeal.
  7. You can always trust America’s Test Kitchen, because they have tested the living heck out of everything they publish. Did you know they’re based right in Brookline, MA?
  8. Not all guys are down with a fancy apron – this one does the job and helps wrangle tools in a basic, manly way.
  9. If you didn’t get a firepit this spring, did you ever really quarantine? This one has a few superpowers, including a compact size (24″ wide) and the ability to grill on it with optional attachments – plus, it’s smokeless.
  10. Stylish grill tools? They do exist. The gray ash handles on this set are everything.
  11. Shoot, now I need a camel leather cooler, too. They come in three sizes – this one’s the baby bear.
  12. These rubs and sauces have been in heavy rotation in our kitchen and on the grill this summer.

Next up, let’s make dad’s home office situation a bit more…better…

  1. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a desk lamp with a two-toned finish (this one also comes in polished nickel, antique brass, and polished nickel with antique white)
  2. A real coffee mug (not a thermos/bottle) that holds its contents hot, at your specified temperature, for an hour. Just what he needs to get through that interminable Zoom call.
  3. When he has to dress up for an important meeting, at least on top, this sport coat is incredibly handsome with just about everything…even pajama pants (see #2). Spendy, but timeless.
  4. Second generation AirPods are essential – noise-canceling edition.
  5. Speaking of two-toned finishes, this beautiful frame combines wood and silver for a handsome way to display a family portrait in his workspace.
  6. These cheater readers have got serious style (love them for mom, too!).
  7. A noir take on the classic framed intaglio – modern and moody.
  8. A home office needs interesting objects like this one. Something sculptural and infinite to look at while on a boring conference call :).
  9. Personalized Italian leather desk accessories like these notepads are the perfect place to jot down his post-Covid fantasy summer vacation ideas.
  10. A business book that dates back almost to my first (and only other) gift guide, which I somehow missed, but seems especially relevant now – it’s all about the different ways in which people work with others, and how our interactions with each other are the determinants of success (or lack of), more so than our own individual traits. Collaboration is the name of the game.
  11. A paperweight with a view of the night sky. Many other cool designs available.
  12. Decorative boxes with a tumbling block pattern are great on his desk to wrangle charging cords, writing implements, paper clips, and other bits and bobs.

Lastly, we want dad’s weekends to be even more relaxing – especially if lounging around the house is on the menu (with a side of grooming).

  1. The vaguely haunting, yet restful photography of Steven Castro is available through Libby Silvia ArtStyle.
  2. I am digging the mixed materials, and the pinstripe design on this set of marble-looking resin coasters.
  3. A major upgrade to his old silk screened IM sports t-shirts from college. Ahem. This tee also has some hidden superpowers – soft and made for comfort, yet it’s also moisture wicking and sun-protecting.
  4. A light linen summer sweater is perfect to take the chill off when the A/C is blasting inside.
  5. Scalp-focused hair care for him (or her…you will probably steal it). I use another shampoo and conditioner from this line, also with charcoal, after dance competitions to get all of the yuck out of my hair, and they work brilliantly.
  6. A super cool alternative to the ‘standard’ Apple Watch band.
  7. These are the official pants of quarantine in our household. I definitely need the lady version.
  8. A coffee table book he’ll actually love – if he loves the Beatles ;). (Would that be like when Homer Simpson bought Marge a bowling ball engraved ‘HOMER’? Asking for a friend…)
  9. Elastic-waisted shorts, perfect for when your wife can’t stop baking bread. [Sorry…not sorry]
  10. Quarantine beard getting out of control? Here are all of the 100% natural products he’ll need to tame it.
  11. Slippers or ‘house shoes’? You decide.
  12. A cozy summer-weight throw for snuggling on the couch with the kids.

I’ll be back at the end of the week with my Friday Family-Friendly Find, which is designed by one of the OG TV design celebrities whose children and grandchildren have influenced his work and the products he creates for the home.

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