Ever since finding these great ‘vintage bookshelf edition’ board games a few years ago for my One Room Challenge landing (which has recently been dubbed a ‘pajama lounge’), I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with finding better-looking versions of everything from classic books to, well, other types of games!

Family Game Night (But Make it Fashion) | Interiors for Families | Blog of Kelly Rogers Interiors
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These board games have boxes that look like vintage books, and are meant to occupy a special place right out on the bookshelf – no need to hide them away in a closed cabinet or drawer.

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I wonder…why can’t everything be decorative and stylish? Why can’t all the things we love to use and play with do double duty as decor? And conversely, while you are accessorizing, why not incorporate decorative items you can also play with and enjoy with your family and guests?

(And why are we non-stop playing games, working on jigsaw puzzles, and playing cards…oh yeah…#pandemicproblems.)

Today I’ve rounded up for you three different categories of games that look as amazing in your home as they are fun to play:

  1. Backgammon, chess, and checkers
  2. Classic board games
  3. Cards and coffee table games

From linen to lucite, leather to lacquer, marble, brass, hair-on-hide, and shagreen, these games are luxe and sure do elevate Family Game Night.

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And, if you must…there is a game for ‘that,’ too…but I just can’t do it! Oy. I prefer my games to be either escapist or mindless in nature.

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Family Game Night (But Make it Fashion) | Interiors for Families | Blog of Kelly Rogers Interiors
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