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I sat down to write this post and suddenly realized it was my first time blogging about the second home I am building with my family in the Berkshires (aka #KRIProjectGoldenrodHill on Instagram). How is that even possible? I’ll aim to do better going forward, promise!

I’ve spent countless hours selecting the materials, finishes, and furnishings for this home. Some of it flowed easily, some of it was like trying to squeeze blood from a stone. As a designer, I’m really good at helping clients make decisions…not quite as good at making them for myself, unfortunately. 🙂

My Berkshires Home Multipurpose Room with Circle Furniture | Interiors for Families | Kelly Rogers Interiors
Architectural drawing by Burr & McCallum Architects, notations in blue by me.

And one room – what we are calling the Multipurpose Room (labeled ‘Study’ on the architect’s drawing above) – really had me stumped…so much so that I saved it for last and decided to figure it out ‘later.’ Months went by, and I had a rough furniture layout and not much else besides tumbleweeds floating between my ears.

It is interesting how the requirements for the room evolved once the coronavirus pandemic hit. I knew from the beginning we would want it to act as both a guest bedroom and secondary second-floor living space (kids playing games, time out, a quiet room for guests to escape to or take a call in), but later recognized it would also need to be an office for my husband. We had originally planned on sharing my studio space on the first floor, but in the COVID world, everyone needs their own individual workspace. The room is certainly not tiny, but it’s not terribly wide, which makes it challenging to fit all of the furniture.

(Here is what it looked like when I visited a few days ago…on flooring delivery day.)

Then I started talking with Circle Furniture, and we realized what a perfect opportunity this would be to partner. I knew working with just one company would give me the focus I needed to finally get it done, with more than enough design options and customization opportunities.

But most of all, Circle Furniture and I have a lot of shared values and priorities – especially where this house is concerned. I am trying to source everything for the home – and I do mean everything, from building materials and appliances to furniture and art, and everything in-between – as locally as possible – and many of their vendors are New England based (upholstery generally comes from further afield, but still made in the USA!). They are also committed to sustainability, comfort, and COLOR! Like two peas in a pod, are we :).

My Berkshires Home Multipurpose Room with Circle Furniture | Interiors for Families | Kelly Rogers Interiors
Image courtesy of Circle Furniture

I managed to pull together some fabrics (printed right here in Massachusetts!) and a color scheme I loved, then visited Circle Furniture’s Framingham showroom to select the furnishings. They captured the process – and my choices – in this video! (And I took the opportunity to create a YouTube channel for Kelly Rogers Interiors – subscribe to follow along!)

Here is how everything is shaping up for the Multipurpose Room!

My Berkshires Home Multipurpose Room with Circle Furniture | Interiors for Families | Kelly Rogers Interiors
  1. The one thing I knew I wanted going in was a Comfort Sleeper from American Leather. They are THE BEST – a sleeper sofa that is really good at being both a bed and a sofa. The mattress is seriously better than the mattress on my bed. Your guests will thank you :). This one is the Harris, and I’m using a happy teal Ultrasuede fabric on it, which is one of my top three favorite performance fabrics. Just two nights ago, my husband spilled red wine on our light yellow/beige Ultrasuede-upholstered sofa and it practically came out when I looked at it sternly :).
  2. The Bink Table is a cute little thing – made of metal and powdercoated white (other colors available), it’s substantial yet portable, and even works as an extra laptop or iPad desk you can pull up to you while seated on the sofa or chair.
  3. Copeland Furniture’s Essentials End Table brings in some mid-century style, with its metal hairpin legs and walnut top. I always appreciate a table with slightly rounded corners (very kid friendly!).
  4. I’m using a ‘room sized’ stain-resistant sisal rug, and layering the Jasper Rug from Company C on top at the seating/sleeping area. It is a thick, plush wool rug – designed in New Hampshire and hand-knotted in India. It will be so yummy on the toes when our guests arise in the morning!
  5. It’s always a big decision whether to use an ottoman or a coffee table in a living space. Here, we opted for the 36″ diameter Brushed Bronze Drum Table from Thayer Coggin, which will be perfect for games, chess, Legos, etc., and can slide out of the way when the bed needs to be pulled out. I love mixing up materials to make a room more interesting!
  6. The Good Egg Swivel Chair from Thayer Coggin, designed by Milo Baughman, is pretty much in the furniture design hall of fame (if there was one…and maybe there is…). Every room should have something that makes you smile, and this is definitely it, for me!
  7. Every great chair needs a dependable accent table, and the Cooper Table is going to be its BFF, as far as I’m concerned. I love the gunmetal-finished steel base, and the thick, textured glass top, which keeps it from looking too heavy (although it actually is quite heavy…which is a very good thing when you have wild boys at play!).
  8. The coup de grace of my visit to Circle Furniture was the Rupert Table Desk. And it wasn’t even on the floor in the showroom! My original floor plan (which you can see in the video – scribbled on a printout of the architect’s drawing, like any good cobblerette would do for her kids, proverbially speaking!) only accommodated a bookcase for storage of books, toys and games. I had no clue where or how I would fit the desk my husband requested. The Rupert is three pieces of furniture in one – a tall bookcase fitting snugly against the wall, and a desk that has an adjustable height, so it can be seated or standing. Hallelujah! (Pro tip: At Circle Furniture, if by chance you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for on the showroom floor, ask someone for help – the staff has access to much more than what they could possibly display, including anything from the product catalogs of some of my favorite lines, including CR Laine, Gat Creek, Charleston Forge, Lee Industries, and others)
  9. There were some splurges in this room for sure, so we saved on the desk chair, which I think is actually super comfortable and fun for the price! The Bungie Chair sets us back only $199. I chose the armless version to save on space, but you can also get one with arms.

The fabrics I’m using for pillows and draperies are, believe it or not, ALL printed in Massachusetts. In searching for locally and regionally made sources for home furnishings and materials, I have to say textiles were by far the most plentiful (and gorgeous). The fabric printing industry is alive and well in New England!

My Berkshires Home Multipurpose Room with Circle Furniture | Interiors for Families | Kelly Rogers Interiors
‘Sunday Scheme’ featuring the #KRIProjectGoldenrodHill Multipurpose Room

To learn more about them, click over to Instagram to view my ‘Sunday Scheme’ post from this past weekend.

Finally getting this room planned out and ordered is such a huge relief – and it makes all of this feel much more ‘real’ now. Huge thanks are owed to my friends at Circle Furniture for their help and partnership on this one!

So what happens next? For this room…now we wait! We are expecting to be able to move in mid-November – hopefully before Thanksgiving, but we are not counting on it at this point. I look forward to sharing the install and completed Multipurpose Room with you in the fall/winter!

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My Berkshires Home Multipurpose Room with Circle Furniture | Interiors for Families | Kelly Rogers Interiors

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