I know school is already back in session in many parts of the country, but here in New England, we still have at least a few weeks left of summer. The deadline for schools to submit their COVID-19 plans for the upcoming school year in Massachusetts is today. My boys’ school announced weeks ago that they would begin the year with in-person learning.

I am incredibly conflicted, but at this point we are planning to send them to school. With full awareness that things could change at any moment. I know many public school districts are going with a hybrid model, and others yet are starting with 100% remote learning. And regardless of the current plans, I think pretty much all families with school-aged children need to be prepared for remote learning at some level. I am not very optimistic about classroom learning lasting very long.

So for this week’s Friday Family-Friendly Find, I wanted to feature something to make homeschooling and remote learning easier, more comfortable, and better organized. It’s so interesting to me how the concept of a homework space has shifted over the past five months. Before, the trend was really toward more of a communal area downstairs, near the kitchen, and now, everyone (grown-ups and kids alike) seems to need their own dedicated space apart from one another to focus and participate in Zoom classes/meetings without disrupting or distracting everyone else.

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The Preston Desk & Storage Wall System from Pottery Barn Kids is a fantastic solution for kids learning at home (and the adults teaching/overseeing them). One of my big learnings (er…mistakes) from the spring was not setting up a remote learning organizational system from the get-go. I guess I figured, like we all did, that it was going to be a temporary thing…maybe a couple of weeks. Ha! But now this is something we can plan for. Having adequate storage space for organizing school supplies, technology, books, assignments, etc. near your remote learning area is critical.

And I like how this set-up creates sort of a ‘cocoon’ area – like cubicle dividers for increased privacy and added potential for focusing on the task at hand. I know my kids did not like it when they felt like they were exposed out in the open and I was looking over their shoulder. Still not sure what they had to hide! 🙂

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Pottery Barn Kids Preston Desk & Storage Wall System | Interiors for Families | Blog of Kelly Rogers Interiors
Preston Desk & Storage Wall System – sans center connecting piece

Preston is a modular system where you use just the pieces you need and/or have room for, so if you only have space for a desk up against a corner with a single tall shelving unit next to it, you can do that. Or if you don’t want the connecting piece in the center, you can skip that too.

OR…if you already have a desk and just need the storage, the Preston bookcase tower alone is a great addition to your set up. The shelves are adjustable, and cord management cutouts are already there on the back panels, so you can charge those Chromebooks and iPads that are working overtime during the schoolyear.

Conversely, if you are all set with a storage and organizational system, the Preston desk is sold separately, too.

(Side note…I still can’t believe my 9-year-old son now has his own Chromebook, and that I regularly email him…two things that never, ever would have happened by now in the pre-COVID world! They grew up so fast in quarantine…).

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Pottery Barn Kids Preston Desk & Storage Wall System | Interiors for Families | Blog of Kelly Rogers Interiors

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Friday Family-Friendly Find: Pottery Barn Kids Preston Desk & Storage Wall System | Interiors for Families | Blog of Kelly Rogers Interiors

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