It’s September 1st (!!). Here in the Northeast, and in other parts of the country, the first day of school is at hand, or close at hand. My boys have a staggered start next week (in-person…for now…), but as I’ve mentioned before, I am already mentally preparing for remote learning – while trying to remain positive, of course. I just think it’s inevitable that we’ll all end up back there sometime this fall.


Those of you who are homeschooling, remote learning, or working with a hybrid model, are probably looking at your children’s Zoom schedules and scratching your heads, wondering how on earth they are going to sit comfortably at a desk for several hours at a time with minimal breaks. Kids will be sitting in front of computer screens for time durations approaching that of adults with ‘desk jobs.’ So it seems more important now than ever to ensure they are comfortable, well-supported, and that their chair enables and encourages good posture. Depending on how your child tends to sit (and for how long), they may benefit from a more specialized desk chair.

So here’s a roundup of chairs for kids of a variety of ages/stages that are not only comfy and functional (note the wheels!), but also cute and colorful. (OK, I cheated with one option that is white and gray BUT it is the best chair and has been battle tested by me, my team, and my boys!).

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If you have a really fidgety child, or one who never seems to sit upright, you might want to look into more ergonomic seating solutions. (I do – Quinlan, 9, can’t even make it through dinner without standing up and pacing around the kitchen a few times). My kids go to an all-boys school and they make use of these types of chairs – it really makes a big difference. For some children, movement actually helps them remain focused on an otherwise sedentary task.

Here are a few choices that might be right for your squirmy son or daughter!

Comfortable, Cute, and Colorful Children's Desk Chairs (Plus Three for Fidgety Kids!) | Interiors for Families | Blog of Kelly Rogers Interiors
Children’s Ball Chair by Bintiva

Looking for more remote learning and homeschool resources for your family? A couple of weeks ago, my friend and professional organizer Corinne Morahan of Grid + Glam was my guest on my weekly Instagram Lunchtime Live program, and she shared some AMAZING tips on setting up your kids and home (and parents!!) for remote learning success. The video is about 30 minutes and is worth the watch and/or listen. You can link to it directly on IGTV here!

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Comfortable, Cute, and Colorful Children's Desk Chairs (Plus Three for Fidgety Kids!) | Interiors for Families | Blog of Kelly Rogers Interiors

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