Ooh, I have mixed feelings about this one! The calendar says we should be preparing for fall weather. The heart wants summer to stick around awhile longer. Nevertheless, Labor Day weekend is upon us – and therefore, I feel it is only right to try to wrap my head around the changing of the season and the unofficial beginning of autumn (otherwise known as summer’s end). This week’s Friday Family-Friendly Find just might help heal the pain…

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The Pendleton Eco-Wise Washable Wool Plaid Throw is the total package. Beautiful, modern plaid designs – check. Natural wool material – check. Soft feel with fringe detail – check and check. Machine washable – big check!

I don’t know about you, but I have avoided investing in ‘nice’ cashmere, mohair, wool, etc. throws because I just can’t stomach the idea of needing to have them dry-cleaned (much like bedding). After all, they’re not just for decoration – we use our throw blankets! Um…well, I do…my body temperature seems to plummet when the sun goes down, during all seasons. The Pendleton Eco-Wise Washable Wool Plaid Throw has a high-end look and feel and is easy to care for. That’s what we like around here…

It’s no secret that I also have a soft spot for plaid – it’s a pattern that mixes so well with other patterns you might have going on in the room…and rendered in pure wool, it just oozes coziness!

I am also especially fond of products that are made in the USA. I learned only recently that some of the Pendleton mills were in New Hampshire; it is only in more recent years that they relocated and consolidated their operations on the West Coast (Oregon).

OK, I’m ready to snuggle up in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine in one hand and the TV remote in the other. Tonight. Who’s with me??

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