Project Update: Waban Custom Kitchen Plans (Plus, I Can’t Believe it’s Not Marble!)

After this week, and for the next several months, my Tuesday posts will be dominated by my own home renovation. The thrill of agony, the victory of defeat. Er…something like that… Demo starts in ONE WEEK – omg! While the walls are about to come down at my house, for some of my clients, they are just…

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The Color of Sport

Some designers might cringe at the mandate of creating a bedroom around a specific “theme.” Add to that professional sports team decor and the often garish colors that come along with it, and the probability of a visual catastrophe is quite high. In the past few months I’ve done color consultations for two separate Boston Bruins…

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Black + White Bathrooms

Bathroom projects are among the most common renovations people undertake in their homes. They can be exciting, but also stressful. Aside from possibly having to adjust your everyday personal hygeine rituals during the course of construction, and dealing with ballooning budgets and slipping schedules – you’ll need to commit to specific not-inexpensive and not-flexible materials…

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