The Color of Sport

Some designers might cringe at the mandate of creating a bedroom around a specific “theme.” Add to that professional sports team decor and the often garish colors that come along with it, and the probability of a visual catastrophe is quite high. In the past few months I’ve done color consultations for two separate Boston Bruins…

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Not My Cup Of Tea…Or Is It?

We all have them. Pet peeves. Pre-conceived notions. Things we passionately hate about “bad” design. It’s different for everyone. Some people loathe wallpaper, in general. Others can’t stand the sight of shiny brass hardware, or an overstuffed recliner. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – and we all have the right to love where we…

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Automagic Color Schemes With Chip It!

Ever witness a scene, or see a picture that had amazing, beautiful color that inspired you in some way? If you are a design professional (or enthusiastic amateur!), you’re always on the lookout for this type of inspiration – perhaps for a unique, fresh color palette for your own space or a client’s. I’ve been…

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