Soothing Non-Blue Bedroom Color Schemes

When you ask people how they want their bedroom to make them feel, these are the most common answers: “Restful” “Peaceful” “Quiet” “Soothing” It makes sense, then, that blue is the most popular color for bedrooms, as voted for by both designers and the general public (House Beautiful, August 2012). There are so many other…

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Who’s Afraid of Pink Beige?

If you’ve read other color or color-focused design blogs, you’ve likely seen a fair amount of clamor about a much-maligned, and very commonly used neutral color – beige. But not just any beige, beige with a red undertone. AKA “pink beige.” Even if you have no idea what I’m talking about at this point, you’ve…

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Slowing Down, Speeding Up

Those who have been following this blog may have noticed that my frequency of posting has decreased a bit of late. I so wish that wasn’t the case, as I find writing here to be a wonderful creative outlet. But I’ve been working on a few other ‘projects,’ which are keeping me incredibly busy. Still…

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