Project Reveal: Happy Place (Part I)

Well, hello! I won’t go into all the reasons why it has been MONTHS since I’ve blogged (I’m sure you can guess a few of them…), I’ll only say I have missed it and I hope I can figure out a way to get back on a regular publishing schedule here. The reason I am…

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Why I Love a Tightback Sofa

CR Laine’s Talford Sofa There are so many reasons to love a tightback sofa – meaning, a sofa that has a “tight-upholstered” back, as opposed to loose or semi-attached back cushions. So what’s the big deal, anyway? Allow me to explain why I am such a big fan of the tightback; maybe you’ll be converted,…

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Color For Dummies

I have to admit – when it comes to color, I am a bit of a dummy myself. After all, I am but a student of design, with my required color theory class still ahead of me (this summer – can’t wait!). I’ve certainly been guilty of timidity when it comes to using color, and…

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