Friday Family-Friendly Find: Oomph Backgammon Table

Friday has not been this much of a relief in a long time! I’ve been away from the blog for just a bit as I got through what I knew would be a challenging week or so, between the opening of show house (still open until November 5th!), and the prep and kickoff of Heading…

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Friday Family-Friendly Find: Bunny Williams Home Tray Chic Ottoman

After a topsy-turvy, over-scheduled week, all I want to do when today is done is put my feet up and RELAX. With a generously-poured glass of wine and tall stack of back-issue shelter magazines close-by, of course! The aptly-named Tray Chic Ottoman from Bunny Williams Home  really delivers the best of many worlds, and takes the concept of a…

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