High Point Spring 2014 Trend #1: Classically Inspired

Although my last day at the High Point spring home furnishings market was Saturday, I’m just now getting around to uploading all of my pictures, and downloading my readers on all of the amazing things I saw and did there. I am planning a few posts around different design trends I picked up on –…

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Why I Love a Tightback Sofa

CR Laine’s Talford Sofa There are so many reasons to love a tightback sofa – meaning, a sofa that has a “tight-upholstered” back, as opposed to loose or semi-attached back cushions. So what’s the big deal, anyway? Allow me to explain why I am such a big fan of the tightback; maybe you’ll be converted,…

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Berkshire Home and Antiques

There’s something about going on vacation that just seems to shake the cobwebs from my imagination and open my mind to new ideas and inspirations. I blogged a great deal during my trip to Newport last summer, and this year we are encamped in the Berkshires, overlooking the campus of our beloved Williams College (I…

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