Room Reveal: A Colorful Living Room Reboot with Global Influences

I am excited to share a project we recently completed for a wonderful couple in Needham. They had settled in nicely to their light-filled 1990’s contemporary colonial home, but wanted to make their living room more ‘grown-up’ and suitable for both entertaining, and quiet time with their three young children. Unsure what to do with the space,…

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Got Questions?

I hope all of you parents out there survived Halloween! Is it just me or is this holiday getting more and more drawn out every year? Don’t get me wrong – I do like Halloween. But as with any good holiday, I’m also a little relieved when it’s finally over. I think my little Alvin…

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Moody Hues

Although the “bathed in white” aesthetic (as I like to call it) is still going strong, I have also noticed an emerging trend in quite the opposite direction. Rooms that envelop you with strong, deep, dark colors are providing a visual antidote to all the white-walled light-and-brightness. Yes, even black! I can almost hear painters across…

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