Attention WordPress Reader Followers: We’re Moving to!

Hello, friends! Next week we are moving this blog, Interiors for Families, into my business website, which is now a WordPress ‘.org’ rather than ‘.com’ site. If you already get email notifications when new posts are published, there is nothing you need to do – you will continue to receive those emails! If you are…

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Five Years Young

Last week, out of the blue, I started getting all of these emails from LinkedIn congratulating me. For what, I wondered? As it turns out, it is my ‘work anniversary.’ I started Kelly Rogers Interiors five years ago. In the beginning, I blogged – with varying degrees of success (here’s an oldie but goodie from…

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Got Questions?

I hope all of you parents out there survived Halloween! Is it just me or is this holiday getting more and more drawn out every year? Don’t get me wrong – I do like Halloween. But as with any good holiday, I’m also a little relieved when it’s finally over. I think my little Alvin…

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