Big Boy Bedroom Transition from the Archives!

My latest One Room Challenge project is now ‘in the can,’ so to speak. Eamon’s big boy bedroom is complete, and he is now sleeping in it! It is such a relief to have finished it. We photographed it on Friday of last week, and I revealed it to him that morning (he slept in the…

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Just do it.

source   So I had a big ol’ post written and ready to go for this morning, but it can wait. Voting can’t. Today is Election Day. Just do it. Since this is a design blog, I feel compelled to include a couple of pretty pictures. Here is an encore performance for my son’s nursery, which…

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6 Tips For Painting Your Nursery

This post is for all you expectant parents, grandparents, and interested friends and family who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a precious little one!  One of the most exciting parts of anticipating a baby’s birth is creating their special room in your home. Oftentimes, this involves repainting. It’s the easiest, most basic way to…

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