Friday Family-Friendly Find: Merida Ultrafiber Sisal Carpet

I have long had a love-hate relationship with sisal. Love: Look Texture Layers beautifully Natural Don’t Love: Stains Like, don’t even bother trying to clean it…it’s never coming out I’ve used sisal very infrequently for this reason, and haven’t used it at all in the past few years. And, until a few weeks ago, I…

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Friday Family-Friendly Find: OKL Exeter Side Chair in Smoke Crypton

Thank you for the comments and feedback on Tuesday’s post about the significant (and I think, troubling) ‘cons’ of viscose pile fabrics and carpets. I realized yesterday, after speaking with Wayne Southworth at MWI Fibershield, that the onus for education does not fall solely to fabric sales reps, but also to retailers and designers, who have a responsibility to…

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