Friday Family-Friendly Find: Osborne & Little Coronata Vinyl Wallcovering

You know you are a family-friendly design nerd when… You get REALLY excited when you see the word ‘Scrubbable’ on the back of a cute wallpaper sample. Osborne & Little has some great vinyl wallcoverings, many which are versions of their most popular wallpaper patterns. Good news! Their iconic Coronata star pattern is one of them.…

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Animal Prints

This post is not about animal prints. Well, not exactly. It is and it isn’t. It’s about prints of animals, not the prints on animals. There, glad we cleared that up. Today, the New England Home Design Blog featured rooms and commentary from  fellow Newton-ite (and fabulous designer) Liz Caan, including this powder room, which inspired the post. The…

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